Programe OverviewLOCATION: Abuja COURSE FEE:N120,000.00|DURATION: 5 Days |STARTING DATE: June 13-17

This course will provide participants with key skills and in depth knowledge required to protect infrastructure critical to their organization and mission. The protection of critical assets and infrastructure both at organization and national levels have become a hot topic and will continue to demand attention as long as criminals, terrorists and other violent people continue to threaten peace and security. This course will be taught by an international faculty with vast experience in protecting critical assets and infrastructure, including cyber security. On site visits will be made to sites of critical assets and infrastructure to enable participant gain practical insight.

Course Content:

The course will cover a range of topics and use a “broad brush approach” to the subject matter. Critical Infrastructure Protection is a hot topic and will continue to demand our attention in the future as well. Protecting our critical infrastructure and ensuring public confidence is paramount for national stability. This course will also serve as a network of contacts for future reference since everyone has professional experiences that may assist you with your current or future assignment. The course will address critical infrastructure awareness, threat and risks assessment, resource investment, preparedness planning. Others will include:

Vulnerabilities assessment and risk mitigation

Best practices in critical infrastructure protection

Cyber Security

Sectorial approach to critical infrastructure protection

Infrastructure protection and resilience

Business contingencies and continuity planning

Early warning signs, Technologies and new tools

Communications and Disaster Preparedness

Building stakeholders' partnerships for critical infrastructure protection

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for Security Directors, Managers, Senior Security Specialists and other Persons with responsibility for the protection of critical maritime infrastructure and assets.


The course will equip participants with the skills necessary to be able to properly assess the levels of vulnerability or risk faced by their organizations and installations.
Better understand emerging techniques necessary to protect infrastructures critical to their mission.
Be better equipped to provide security leadership for their organizations, make presentations and effectively communication security issues to management and other stakeholders.
Be able to design an effective and proactive strategy to protect their organization's facilities and installations.
Be able to build synergy and partnerships on security issues.

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