Course OverviewLOCATION: Kaduna COURSE FEE:N140,000.00|DURATION: 4 Days |STARTING DATE: July 18-22

This course has been designed to help law enforcement officers understand, appreciate and apply local and international human rights standards as in a democracy. The dawn of democracy and the demand of citizens for good governance have squarely placed issues of respect for human rights at the center of law enforcement activities. This course will enhance the respect of officers for human rights. When the officers are seen to respect, uphold and defend human rights: Public confidence is built and community cooperation fostered. Officers are seen as part of the community, performing a valuable social function. The fair administration of justice is served, and, consequently, confidence in the system. The course employs both theoretical and practical learning methods giving participants the chance to put their learning into practice and to pursue individual areas of interest more deeply.

Course Content:

Fundamentals of Human Right and Human Right Systems
Rights and Responsibilities of Law Enforcement Officers
Law Enforcement in a Democracy
Victims of Crime
Investigations, Arrests, Detention
Ethical and Legal Conduct

Civil Disorder, State of Emergency, Armed Conflict and Terrorism

Use of Force and Fire Arm

International Codes of Human Rights

Who Should Attend?

Police and Law enforcement officers, Military officers, Security officers, State councils, lawyers, prosecutors, civil society persons, judicial officers.


Officers will acquire modern problem solving skills.
Differentiate situations when force should be used and the type, level and manner of force to be used
Gain improved communication techniques (with colleagues, headquarters, witnesses, suspects and victims)
Provide deeper and clearer insight in vital legal issues ( issues of human/civil rights, authority, jurisdictions, etc)
Learn key law enforcement procedures (writing report correctly, conducting arrests, documenting events and recording the scene of crimes etc)
Gain skills necessary to proactively respond to emergencies and non-emergency situations
Gain skills required for effective management of the Human Relationship functions
Enhanced Confidence
Human Right Issues

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