Programe OverviewLOCATION: Kaduna COURSE FEE:N120,000.00|DURATION: 5 Days |STARTING DATE: Aug. 16-18

Failure to conduct investigative interviews properly can lead to disaster, for the organisation, the investigator, witnesses and often the subject of the inquiry. It does not matter whether you are a professional or a manager who find themselves temporarily delegated with the role, you will be required to act legally, ethically, fairly and without bias. Due to lack of understanding, good sound evidence can be rendered inadmissible or unreliable. In a public hearing, in house inquiry, court or a tribunal the persons involved can find their own credibility destroyed in what can sometimes be a humiliating experience. Years of experience in criminal/civil courts and tribunals have equipped instructors to teach you in a practical way the issues that need to be dealt with professionally.

Course Content:

Roles, Rules and Responsibility
Dynamics of an Interview
Basic Techniques
Formal Investigative Interview
Interpreting and Presenting the Fact
Practical Sessions
Special Interviewing Skills
Understanding Interviewing Procedures and processes
Dynamics of an Interview
Planning an Interview
Advanced Interviewing Techniques
Handling difficult cases
The use of Technology
Formal Investigative Interview

Who Should Attend?

Senior officers, especially those with responsibility for personnel management, administration, investigation, research, security or other related roles.


The ability to:
Acquire time tested interviewing skills
Be able to plan and implement a complex interviewing or cross examination procedure
Understand the dynamics of an interview and identify good and bad practice
Understand legal, procedural and ethical requirements.
Identify facts, inferences and opinions and how to use them.
Recognise good and bad questions and predictable dialogue.
Plan and deliver a structured interview.
The use of various techniques for recording the interview accurately Acquire excellent presentation and report writing skills.

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