Programe OverviewLOCATION: Dubai,UAE COURSE FEE 4,850 USD |DURATION: 7 Days |STARTING DATE: July 25-31

Delegates to this course would be exposed to recent and cutting edge skills in Forensic Science and Fraud detection, prevention and investigation. They would learn from experts in the field those special skills they require to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. At the end of this course delegates will develop the ability to formulate fraud prevention and detection strategy to protect their organization, develop awareness of the implications of financial crimes and the risks of fraud in their organization, be able to develop an audit and internal control policy framework for their organization, quickly identify red f lags and mitigate same, and additionally be able to identify vulnerable and potential offenders.

Course Content:

Understanding emerging types of fraud and financial crimes
Current Issues in frauds risk management
Elements of Forensic Investigations
How to identify early warning signs and red f lags
Be able to follow the money trail
Strategies for fraud prevention, detection and control
Fundamentals of fraud investigation
Leadership, ethics and team management skills

Who Should Attend?

Accountants, Auditors, Internal Controls, Persons with responsibility for investigation, Security and Stores Managers, Admin Officers. And other persons whose participation in this program will enhance the performance of their duties.


A combination of classroom and practical scenario exercises, conducted in a real-time environment will give all course participants an in-depth knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of a Forensic Investigation. Participants will gradually progress from classroom based training and lectures through to practice drills / exercises and then onto real-time / life scenarios.

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