Programe OverviewLOCATION: Kaduna COURSE FEE:N110,000.00|DURATION: 5 Days |STARTING DATE: April 4-8

How we manage conf lict or conduct negotiations will have a major inf luence on the success or failure of your organization. This is especially true for those in senior appointment in public sector organizations, seeking to improve the quality of life at work and delivering more value for money. This program has a strong focus on soft skills starting with an examination of the self and personal behaviors and preference, and their impact on those with different preference. This will help participants to understand how different people's perceptions of issues, ref lected in their behavior, can lead to conf lict. We will focus on courses of conf lict and how to spot potential indicators, leading to an analysis of the different conf lict modes and patterns through which people move as they become increasingly stressed. Then we examine conf lict resolution strategies and participants will have the opportunity to reinforce their learning through role-playing in different conf lict situation and with a visit to an organization to talk about negotiation and conf lict resolution technique.

Course Content:

Investigation Management,
Investigation Team Selection & Allocation of Roles, Investigation Budgeting,
Jurisdiction & Law Enforcement Agencies,
Dealing with Scenes of Crime,
Investigative Interviewing,
Analysis of Information,
Surveillance Techniques,
Handling Informants,
Recording & Storage of Evidence,
Analysis of Evidence,
Report Writing.

Who Should Attend?

Leaders at all level shall benefit immensely from insights gained from attending this summit. Experienced conf lict managers and new entrants into the field of dispute resolution will find this program refreshing, enriching and rewarding. While those with established career in Dispute Resolution shall gain insights on how to boost their current work output, new entrants and fresh graduates shall be guided on how to develop a new career as Dispute Resolution Specialists with opportunities for immediate employment both locally and internationally.


You will be able to:
Identify potential sources of conf licts and take proactive move to defuse them.
Apply effective conf lict resolution and negotiation strategies as participants and mediator.
Develop robust programs to reduce workplace conf lict.

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