Programe OverviewLOCATION: Kaduna COURSE FEE:N120,000.00|DURATION: 5 Days |STARTING DATE: July 4-8

This program is aimed to build the skills and capacities of security supervisors in secondary schools and basic educational institutions to respond effectively to the current insecurity being faced in the country. The program has incorporated the development of an operable security framework for each school by individual participant as a major outcome of the training. The course will be directed by experienced experts in schools security and safety.

This practical and highly interactive course will expose participants to current techniques and best practices in schools security, including case studies of experiences from other jurisdictions with similar security condition as Nigeria.

Course Content:

Roles and responsibilities of schools security supervisors and officers.

Schools security: The danger we face.
Security threats and Risks Assessment.
Vulnerabilities assessment and mitigation.
Measures to deal with terrorism and other violent crimes.
Building synergy and partnerships with law enforcement, host communities and other stakeholders.
Communicating Security issues and Relationship management.
Dormitory security system and key access control.
Access and perimeter control: Theft, cults and violent crimes deterrent.
Emergency response and preparedness.
Conf lict resolution and Peace Building.

Who Should Attend?

Schools Security Supervisors,
Senior Security Officials,
Vice Principal Admin, and other persons whose official function will be enhanced by participating in this training program.


This very practical course will be taught by globally respected experts in schools and campus security with experiences in United
States, Israel and United Kingdom.

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