Programe OverviewLOCATION: Dubai,UAE COURSE FEE 4,500 USD|DURATION: 7 Days |STARTING DATE: June 6-12

Recent events have shown that security leadership cannot be let only in the hands of security professionals. Indeed addressing challenging security situations requires the contribution of not only security professional but also senior non security personnel. Executing a successful security plan or strategy require proper understanding and contribution of key individuals within the organization. For effective corporate security every department and unit must properly play its role.

Course Content:

Concept of National Security
Diagnostics: Challenges and Opportunities in the Global Maritime Security Sector
Personal, Organizational and Information Security in contemporary environment
Roles and responsibilities of Senior Manager
Fundamentals of critical infrastructure and assets protection
Understanding security polices, plans and procedures
Building synergy and communicating security matters
Measures against robbery, kidnapping, terrorism and other violent crimes
Preparing for emergencies
Negotiation skills, conf lict resolution and peace building
Understanding the Psychology of an attacker
Threat and risk assessment and mitigation

Who Should Attend?

Directorate Cadre Officers with responsibility for Administration, Human Resources, Audit and Internal Control, Finance and Accounts; Planning, Research and Statistics; Special Assistants and Personal Assistants; Heads of Departments and other senior non security executives.


This very interactive and practical course has been specially designed to help those who hold leadership positions within the organization particularly, non-Security Directors and Heads of Department to acquire up to date, relevant security skills and knowledge to effectively provide security leadership in their respective areas and to support and contribute to the overall safety and security objectives of their organizations. This is a global best practice. The program is a highly interactive course and would seek to build on participant's individual personal experience. The course will cover a wide range of subject matter which are considered critical for senior non security executives in the Maritime Sector who are required to regularly take important decisions with security implications.

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