Programe OverviewLOCATION: Abuja COURSE FEE:N120,000.00|DURATION: 5 Days |STARTING DATE: May 2-6

The recent increase in the spate of terrorists attacks and other violent crimes in Nigeria including attacks on schools and campuses have brought to the fore the need for the adoption of proactive and pre emptive strategies to address these terrorists activities in terms of early detection, prevention, control and emergency preparedness and response.

In a terrorist group's perspective, striking a school or campus full of students, rather than a government target, could make a considerable political statement and instill just as much fear in the populace and create an exaggerated perception of instability. Even today these high impact terrorist targets are not adequately protected, and schools administrators and managers have been left confused as to how best to protect their schools, students and teachers.

What is urgently required is an intervention to quickly build and improve the quality of security leadership and competence of schools security managers, institution administrators and other relevant personnel. Indeed, other countries like India, Egypt and the US have at various times engaged in projects like this to build the capacity of schools managers and administrators to proactively deal with violent crimes and terrorist attacks.

Course Content:

Improving Security in Hotels, Tourism and Hospitality Organisations . A National Security Concern.

Hotels and threats of terrorism : Global Experiences and Global Best Practices.

Improved Security and Counter Terrorism Measures: Available Tool, Technology and Equipment

Developing a Framework for working together with Security Agencies.

Hotels and Hospitality Organisations Security: Roles and Responsibility of Board/ Management

Business contingencies and continuity planning

Early warning signs, Technologies and new tools

Communications and Disaster Preparedness

Building stakeholders' partnerships for critical infrastructure protection

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for Security Directors, Managers, Senior Security Specialists and other Persons with responsibility for the protection of critical maritime infrastructure and assets.


This program is designed to achieve the following objectives;

Help to build the capacity of security officers, administrators and other key personnel of schools and campuses with skills required to deal with the emerging security situation.
Enhance their knowledge and practical skills in security, crisis management and emergency response.
Equip participants to be able to provide security leadership for their institutions, and to deploy and utilize security resources effectively.
Equip participants with the skills required to carry out security threat and vulnerability assessments for their institutions.
It is hoped that those completing the training program will have gained a signif icant advantage over criminals, terrorist groups and l o n e a c t o r s , t h e r e b y e n a b l i n g t h e i r organizations offer improved quality protection to the lives and properties in their institutions

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