Programe OverviewLOCATION: Calabar COURSE FEE:N150,000.00|DURATION: 5 Days |STARTING DATE: June 14-16

This highly practical and must attend program will be hosted in Israel, and has been designed to help participants gain vital skills to frontally deal with the concerns of insecurity faced by their institutions due to the increasing activities of terrorists and other criminal groups. This is becuase, by the very nature of schools, they represent very soft targets for terrorist groups and other criminals. Indeed in a terrorist group's perspective, striking a school or campus full of students, rather than a government target, could make a considerable political statement and instill just as much fear in the populace and create an exaggerated perception of insecurity.

Course Content:

Roles and Responsibilities of Schools and Campus Security Directors and CSOs
Schools Security Policies, standards, guidelines and procedures.
Schools security architectures and models
Security management practices
Understanding the Dynamics of Schools/ Campus
Threats, Risks Assessment and Remediation
Measures to deals with terrorism and other crimes on campus
Emergency preparedness and response
Working together with security and Law
Enforcement Agencies
Mediation, conf lict resolution and peace building.

Who Should Attend?

Directors of Security
Chief Security Officer
Key Persons in the Administration who will benefit from this program
Security Managers and other senior persons with responsibility for Safety and Security in the Education and related Sector.


This very practical course will be taught by globally respected experts in schools and campus security with experiences in United States, Israel and United Kingdom.

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