Programe OverviewLOCATION: Kaduna COURSE FEE:N120,000.00|DURATION: 5 Days |STARTING DATE: July 18-22

This highly interactive and practical Security and Law Enforcement Officers Training Program is being implemented in a wide range of law enforcement agencies and training institutions across the world. The course is aimed at greatly enhancing the effective performance of law enforcement and security officers. Although officers may have accumulated some knowledge and have gained some hands-on experience, there are substantially more intricate details to the profession that need to be assimilated if men and officers are to give optimal performance always. The training program will address the needs of law enforcement agencies, the society it serves and indeed the needs of the officers themselves.

Who Should Attend?

Officers of Law Enforcement Agencies; Regulatory Authorities; Intelligence and Security Services; Private Guards Companies; Security Officers in Government Agencies and the Private Sector


Officers will acquire modern problem solving skills.
Differentiate situations when force should be used and the type, level and manner of force to be used
Gain improved communication techniques (with colleagues, headquarters, witnesses, suspects and victims)
Provide deeper and clearer insight in vital legal issues ( issues of human/civil rights, authority, jurisdictions, etc)
Learn key law enforcement procedures (writing report correctly, conducting arrests, documenting events and recording the scene of crimes etc)
Gain skills necessary to proactively respond to emergencies and non-emergency situations
Gain skills required for effective management of the Human Relationship functions
Enhanced Confidence
Human Right Issues

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