Globally, female bodyguards are becoming the preferred choice for personal security for VIPs and Celebrities and their families. Female bodyguards are highly valued for their covertness, precision and the elegance they bring to the job. Indeed, in civilized environment no VIP wants gun throttling, obstructive policemen or a 400 pound bouncer for personal security.

Experience has shown that no one protects a female VIP or Celebrity better than a professionally trained female bodyguard. At IISGS female bodyguards are trained to be employed in a variety of assignments. Such position as Personal-Assistants, Protocol Officers, Drivers, Personal and Children Protective-Security. Our students are trained by experts in facilities in Nigeria and Israel.

Government agencies, corporate bodies and individual VIPs can now take advantage of this opportunity to train their personal staff and officials. Independent students can also take advantage of this rare opportunity in Nigeria to earn International Certifications and Professional Membership of International Bodyguards Associations. Download program brochure

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