LOCATION: Abuja | COURSE FEE: ₦150,000.00(Instalment payment Available) | DURATION: 6 Days | STARTING DATE: Feb 19,2018

If you want to enjoy a highly rewarding career in the area of Protection of VIPs, top Executives, Celebrities, top Politicians, senior Government Officials, Diplomats and Expatriates and their families as a skilled and highly competent Security Driver, then you are in the right place.

Today due to the challenges of increasing insecurity, people with training and competency in security driving are now in hot demands because they represent key security asset to VIPs, Celebrities, Dignitaries and their families. Indeed, at a time when deliberate attacks, ambushes, accidents, kidnappings, terror assaults, carjacking and other random violent criminal attacks have become all too frequent occurrences, one of the most significant elements in optimizing VIP protection is Protective Security Driving. In fact, most attacks on VIPs take place outside their protected environments and the majority while in their vehicles. Statistically, the chance of injury to a VIP or a security team from a car accident, either random or planned, is even greater than being a victim of a terror attack. Today commuting on Nigeria’s urban and rural roads presents diverse threats to drivers and their passengers, such as deliberate attacks, ambushes, accidents, kidnappings, terror assaults, carjacking and other violent criminal attacks. This training course will build the competency, capacity and confidence of graduates of this course to operate in hostile, hazardous and dangerous environments.

This unique course will provide the essential tools those interested in security driving need to deal with extra ordinary situations, it will transforms ordinary executive chauffeurs and security drivers into an essential and integrated resource as a security asset instead of a risk. After all, a poorly trained driver could just be the VIP’s worst enemy.

Course Objectives:

The objective of the protective security driving course is to help those who are already in the security sector or those who want to make a career in the security sector to develop professional skills in all aspects of protective security driving. The course offers the optimum mix of hands-on, behind-the-wheel vehicle manoeuvring techniques, practical knowledge, proactive planning and safety. Strong emphasis is placed on the synergy between driving skills and the driver’s integral role on the security team. The course covers the threats facing security drivers and their passengers, such as ambushes, accidents, terror assaults, carjacking and kidnappings. Participants learn how to drive in these threatening, extreme and emergency situations. This challenging course involves extensive, rigorous practice exercises in closed courses and on open roads.

Who Would Benefit:

The Protective Security Driving, PSD Course is designed for persons who are already drivers for VIPs or those who want to make a career in the exciting and highly rewarding VIP and Dignitary Protection Profession. It is equally a great training for executive chauffeur and close protection specialists.

Categories of Students:

Students undertaking this training course fall into the following categories:

We Train to Deploy Students to requesting organisations
Students that are sponsored by organisations.
Private Students who sponsor themselves.

Training Standards:

Each student on this course will be required to demonstrate skills on each exercise, which exceeds the minimum requirements established for security driving techniques. The design of the course is based on the most stringent protective security standards used by the secret service. The certificate students will receive will indicate that they have met and exceeded these standards and will serve as a testament to their capacities as a security-driving professional.

Training Course Coverage

Fundamental approaches and essential tasks in protective driving

Conditioned responses to threatening situations
Offensive and defensive vehicle handling techniques
Covering, evacuation and evasive driving
Driving for optimal passenger safety and comfort
Responding to threatening situations based on vehicle limitations, road conditions and driver’s ability.

The Driver’s role as an integral Executive Protection Team Member

Tasks and responsibilities during each assignment stage
Route planning and navigation – the proactive approach.
Decision making under threatening situations.
Working as a team member.
Convoy discipline TRAR – Threat Recognition, Analysis and Response.

Vehicle dynamics and Driving condition considerations

Vehicle checks and mission preparedness.
Selecting the appropriate vehicle for the assignment.
General checks and preparations.
CSS – Counter Sabotage Scan.
Specialized installations, equipment and communications.

Extensive practical training in a variety of road settings

Closed-course training facility.
Other terrains.

Essential practical drills and best practices in threatening scenarios such as:

Being caught in crossfire.
Terror Attacks.
Random Criminal Attacks.
Emergency Response and First Person on the Scene.
Evacuating VIPs and their guests – dos and don’ts.

Training Prerequisites

Applicants must meet the following criteria

Valid National Driver’s License.
Not less than 20 years old.
Must be Physically fit.
With no crime records.

Course Instructors

The Course instructors includes retired members of the Presidential Security and Close Protection Teams, Presidential Security Drivers’ Instructors, retired Military Officer and others with extensive protective security driving experience in military, government, corporate and private settings.

Duration, Dates & Your Investment

The Training Course Duration is 6 Days.

Commencement Dates:
February 19th 2018 April 16th 2018 June 25th 2018 September 3rd 2018 November 5th 2018

Your Investment: N150, 000.00 excluding VAT. This covers participation in lectures, demonstrations, practical sessions, training equipment, training materials, group tea, lunch and certificate.

Customised Onsite Training

Based on request by clients we conduct training at the location and time chosen by clients to train their personnel.

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